Business Operations

Our range of solutions enable companies to transform their paper-based business operations to one that is fully digital. This includes

  • Transforming business operations such as
    • Finance – PO matching, Invoice payment
    • HR – Leave approval, Expense claims management
    • Sales – Quota/on approval, Sales contract management and renewals
    • Services – Service requests management, Services contract management
  • Document digitization, management and archival
  • Print management

Legal Practice

We aim to work with in-house legal departments and private legal firms to help make work less onerous, freeing them from mundane tasks.

    • Managing in-house legal operations
    • Managing requests from other business units
    • Tracking projects
    • Facilitating report generation to management
  • Contract management
    • Storing and tracking of contracts, including reminder alerts
    • Providing tools to facilitate contract review and negotiations
    • Managing the signing of contracts
  • Document & email management
    • Storing important documents and emails for easier search and retrieval and to ensure
      protection, and risk and compliance management
  • Transaction matter management
    • collection of signatures, tracking progress, creation of final documents, including managing changes.

Professional Services

With years of working with customers in the professional services industry, we have put together a suite of solutions that can help professional firms, big and small, in their daily operation and work.

  • Managing the practice and the firm
    • Our cloud-based practice management solutions help firms manage their practice from anywhere.
  • Facilitating professional services
    • Our tools aim to make the daily work easier such as reviewing changes, ensuring
      document styles are consistent, bundling documents and many more.
  • Document & email management
    • Storing of all important documents and emails for easier search and retrieval and to ensure protection and risk management
  • Engagement management
    • Providing a platform to enable periodic updates and reviews of client projects, including tracking of progress and the creation of final reports.