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1.    Business Intelligence & Data Science (Dashboards, Predictive Models)

If you have existing data that is stored in a data lake or data warehouse, and you are looking for a way to understand and evaluate this huge chunk of data, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Data Science and Business Intelligence team will work together with your company to understand the idiosyncratic nature of your business and provide you with the descriptive and predictive aspects of your data. Ultimately, we want you to be able to automatically generate visual and actionable reports where future value can be created for your business.

Case Example: Performance Metrics of Service Staff

Using the industry standard database SQL to store structured data, we automated the data collection process for services that have been conducted on the ground by company XXX’s technicians and presented it visually onto a dashboard created by Power Bi. At any point of time, XXX’s management team and key service managers, were able to spot and detect any nuances relating to the operations. At the same time, reports could be shared with teams to evaluate their performances and to keep service standards high above the industry level.