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Business Intelligence & Data Science (Dashboards, Predictive Models)

If you have existing data that is stored in a data lake or data warehouse, and you are looking for a way to understand and evaluate this huge chunk of data, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Data Science and Business Intelligence team will work together with your company to understand the idiosyncratic nature of your business and provide you with the descriptive and predictive aspects of your data. Ultimately, we want you to be able to automatically generate visual and actionable reports where future value can be created for your business.


Using the industry standard database SQL to store structured data, we automated the data collection process for services that have been conducted on the ground by company XXX’s technicians and presented it visually onto a dashboard created by Power BI. At any point of time, XXX’s management team and key service managers, were able to spot and detect any nuances relating to the operations. At the same time, reports could be shared with the service team to evaluate their performance and to keep service standards high above the industry level.


If you have legacy accounting systems and you are still sending cheques, invoices or any form of accounting documents via physical mail, it is time for a change. If you have high exchanges of goods that warrant an issue of debit notes or credit notes, it would be a good time to implement this into your business processes. We all know the subtle pain of having to deal with processes that we feel can be easily automated, yet we put off making changes for as long as we can. In the end, doing so just increases cost and pain. We can help you with these changes, by providing value in the form of expediting payment collections and reducing redundancies, which would help you save in the long run. Lastly, to improve operational effectiveness, we aim to ensure that the system runs smoothly for you  through designing a systematic process.  



Our client uses a legacy ERP system and found it more viable to add silo systems to improve the overall business efficacy. They wanted to transition from paper mail to an electronic mailing system to achieve cost reduction in accounting processes. We decided on SharePoint(SP) List as the primary database to store our customer information and electronic files for auditing purposes. Using SP List as the primary database where the CRUD operation took place, we designed a sophisticated automation process to handle the processing of documents to identify and dynamically send out the emails alongside its attachments to the client’s customers. This effectively reduced operational cost by more than 3 times!

App – Making

Internal business applications are important in helping with the CRUD operations of a database, where important information may be stored. Businesses can never function without a database, especially in an age where data of transactions can be of valuable use to study customer’s behaviour with the aim to enhance business processes or offerings. App-Making is incredibly powerful and scalable using Power Apps, as we can integrate it with Power Automate, Power BI and a wide myriad of data connectors to enhance business operations and create more value not just for the business, but for the customers too.


Our client wanted a more seamless process in approving and submitting leave forms and having a broad overview in managing employee’s attendance, especially during Covid-19 with the adoption of work from home. Using SharePoint List as the primary data base, we created a few automated flows to handle the reset of carry forward leaves based on the financial calendar of the company. We also handled the calculation logic based on the Ministry of Manpower guidelines for the different types of leaves available to employees within Singapore. Lastly, we built an intuitive front facing Leave Application to enable employees to submit, edit, delete and view their leave statuses. Management was also able to have an oversight at any point of time. Essentially, in real time, attendance can be tracked and abnormalities in leave taking can be addressed in advance. With a calendar system, departments would have better oversight on who is on leave and enable operational effectiveness to prevent entire departments from taking leave all at once.

Our client wanted to track their inventory as it was a headache to account for it on an excel sheet and inventory was moving in and out too quickly on a busy day. Sometimes, a spare part could be removed in the morning and returned at the end of the day, resulting a debit note having to be issued. We user’s preference at the back of our design process, we leveraged using barcodes scanners on mobile phones instead of having to invest in a new barcode scanner. One clear advantage here is that the scanner is smart enough to read many barcodes within a single camera view instead of doing it one by one. Unfortunately, the client’s ERP system was too old for us to integrate it directly with an API for us to perform CRUD operations to the accounting Database. However, the overall implementation improved the delivery cycle times and enhanced their audit requirements during stock checks. We were also able to link this application to the Service Management System.

Our client wanted to be able to assign service cases (repairs) to their technicians seamlessly, track their completion, their distance travelled and their overall performance in completing the assigned task. We carefully designed the entire application to ensure that CRUD operations were applied in truth with our databases. We also integrated the application with several APIs, such as the Google API for distance tracking, and created a calculation system for automatically calculating the distances covered per case based on trigger points. This Application was also integrated with the Warehouse Management System to allow the technicians to check the live inventory count of spare parts and estimated dates of collection for spare parts so that the case can be reassigned or scheduled for a separate date closer to the spare parts collection date. On the completion of an assignment, a signature from the customer will have to be registered on the technician’s phone before the case is closed. Thereafter, an email is automatically sent to the customer to evaluate the technician’s performance. Ultimately this cycles down to the Dashboards creation, which allows managers to track the performance of services and their own technicians. Essentially, this application has proven to be extremely effective in its operational aspects, and it also provides a feedback loop to the company to improve various parts of its operations. Our client gained immense value from the use of this application.

Our client deals with a lot of paper contracts which often needs to be audited. To retrieve a specific contract may take up to an hour in special cases, but having this system improved the speed of identifying a particular contract. The contracts were all digitalized and stored in a SharePoint List, with the hard copy documents retained in case it was needed for further verification. Any contract can be signed directly from the application and saved straight into the SharePoint List, with strict security rules set to prevent unauthorized access. One further advantage is that managers can track contracts that are expiring and to automate the sending of an email close to the date to check if their customers are looking to extend their contracts. Another advantage is the ability for the Management to track down the performance of sales agents in the company through Power BI.

Our client wanted to push out a new set of product offerings that they have every month. We implemented this effectively by sending them out at the end of each month or on specific dates and times.


We will discuss with our clients on their security requirements to ensure the integrity of their data and the use cases of the different types of databases. Different databases will incur different types of fees, and we will try out best to provide you with the best for your bucks’ solution. Currently within the Power Platform, we have been working with SharePoint, Dataverse and SQL Server.